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The Underground Landlord Launches!

The Webs Premier Free Tenant Screening Service Is Here

At the time of this article is launched and is officially live. This has been the product of almost a decade of planning and implementing strenuous codes and hours of planning. As many of you in the Real estate investing game know Tenant Selection is the root of the business. Without mastering this necessary skill, you will fail over and over again in the rental business. This problem is what led us to the creation of this website to help you and those like you with tenant screening. Being a landlord can be both enjoyable as well as lucrative.  Picking the correct tenants is a large part of whether or not you are successful in the rental property business.

As you know there are lots of sites on the web offering some type of free tenant screening service and so forth so what makes underground landlord different?  First off, many of these so called "free" sites are in fact free to join only but once you sign up you quickly realize that it cost to search backgrounds every single time. Maybe a slight discount if you search multiples monthly but nevertheless a hefty fee at the end. Second most of these sites depend on States, Cities and other local municipalities for their information and sometimes these branches of government can be so backlogged and overwhelmed they can be years out of getting civil filings online.  Not poking fun at big brother but it's just a fact. 

Underground landlord works completely different. First, you as a landlord sign up and publish a good email address and cell phone number. Don't worry, we are in the tenant screening business not the selling your information business. All your info is kept secure in our database and only distributed to another landlord that would have a prospective tenant that closely matched one in your data base. Not the entire site. I want to stress that. Only someone that would have enough credible information on a prospective tenant will see your info.

Next you have your very own database. This is where you add any and all tenants that you have had issues with in the past. Evictions, damages, non-payment, etc. You will need a bit more than a first and last name to put them in as well. First and last name only files will never return a search as these are much harder to verify. Don't worry no tenant's info is EVER shown, if someone does have an application with enough credible information that matches one of your tenants in your database it will return you in the search. Now this landlord can call, text or email you and discuss if you guys have the same person in common, what the weather is like, what time it is in England, or any other first amendment protected conversation the two of you would so choose to do. 

About Me

    David V

Hi I'm the author, CEO, and developer for The Underground Landlord. My name is David and it's a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to you visiting my site and us gleaning from one another in this rocky business that is rental property.

Rentals have always and will always ultimately come down to tenant selection. This is the basis of the business. I truly hope you will use The Underground Landlord to the fullest extent of it's reach and invite other landlords as well. I have made this service free for all landlords. 

Let's screen some tenants and make a few bucks along the way. 


Carter & Davis, 12 Pike St, New York, NY 10002, (541) 754-3010
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